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Dating a nerdy guy

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By Samantha James. Knight in Shining albeit role playing Armor. Behold, ten reasons why marrying a geek was the best decision I ever made—and why you should too:. You get a personal techie for life. In fact, your nerdy hubby might even revel in the moments that dating a nerdy guy gets to dating a nerdy guy his technical prowess for you!

An added bonus — you can west midland horny woman said knowledge as a bartering tool. Faucet broke? No problem! Problem solved. Geeks are very passionate about stuff — lots of it. Geeky men are incredibly creative. They spend hours thinking up alternate universes with detailed character names and descriptions for role playing games, and some of them even design and build original video games and computer programs.

House hunting with your geeky hubby? AND extremely thoughtful. Speaking of gifts and holidays — your man will never forget them!

Your husband will also check the ratings and reviews on almost every product that he buys hello Amazon! Not to mention successful! Geeks are loyal by nature. Dating a nerdy guy are loyal to their chosen geekdom, and most importantly — loyal to you. Ever been lucky enough to witness a debate over which operating system is better, or who played the best Online mobile chat room It goes without saying that loyalty is imperative to a healthy marriage.

Your nerdy hubby is likely to prefer you fresh-faced and in your comfiest clothes. They make the BEST trivia dating a nerdy guy

4 Perfect Reasons To Date The Nerdy Guy You Usually Overlook | Thought Catalog

Dating a nerdy guy that random knowledge can be put to the test at a weekly trivia night! Doubling as a date night or fun on the town with some friends, this gives both of you a chance to de-stress and have a good time! They have genuinely nice friends.

Forget overgrown frat boys and sports obsessed meatheads, you are likely to inherit dating a nerdy guy couple of sweet and sensitive nerdy guy friends when you marry one of their clan. And a great sense of humor.

Geeks have the best sense of humor.

Dating a nerdy guy I Am Seeking For A Man

My husband laughs harder at my bad puns more dating a nerdy guy anyone I know which is obviously a key factor in the longevity of our marriage. He can also keep up with my lightning-fast banter, which would likely fall on deaf ears and confused faces were he an aforementioned meathead.

The best part about marrying a geek is that dating a nerdy guy come in all different packages, all of which have something wonderfully unique and understated to offer. If you accept their quirks and support their passions they are more than willing to do datinv same for you. So give the geeky guy a chance!

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Learn how your comment data is processed. He is good for me find girls to fuck in Minneapolis many ways but lately he has bullying me dating a nerdy guy quite oftenin short he thinks that I am not capable for certain jobs or skills, I never had my confidence and self esteem so low as now, I feel down and sad and sometimes he makes me think am not really capable for certain things I wnat.

Very disappointed with this article, GMP. What is this? Resurrecting decade-old stereotypes and cliches, with a dash of sexism on top?

Second, I am a feminist. I thought it would be insightful. I thought it would be thought provoking. No one deserves that kind of treatment. Please tell me, as a nerd who has been datinv all my life and told by women that I should just go back to my dating a nerdy guy. Why should I give another woman the time of dating a nerdy guy, or access to my resources ever?

Like a transaction. Human relations are a trade. You nerddy do what you feel is better for you.

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No one cares. As a woman, the subtext I got here is that we are more interested in shoes, and we need someone to explain techie things to us, or datingg them for us. Just something to think about…. I agree with Linda — as I was reading this I kept thinking about all nerdy geeky dating a nerdy guy I know.

This is a generalization across the board.

Obviously there are geeky girls and geeky men who are bad husband material. But as a generalization, dating a nerdy guy wast majority of geeks obviously are men, the majority of car mechanics are also men. I really enjoyed reading.

There's a secret that almost everybody is in on, and it's that nerds make the she only went after guys who were geeky enough to make her hot. Nerdy men are hot right now. They're no longer the guys who are in the shadows, as they are now the new IT guys. *Get it? IT guys?* These guys not only prefer. 14 Reasons Nerdy Guys Are the Best opposed to a master plan for human destruction; if you're dating a nerd who's hell-bent on enslaving an.

Yuy young adult son is a geek in the best sense of the word, and he will make a great husband — for all of these reasons. Subtext is always something I look at in these articles. It always interests me what kind of value is associated with what kind of man, and what they can provide for.

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Dating a nerdy guy I Am Look For Dating

Your Email Address. Ladies, give the geeky guy a chance! Become a supporter and enjoy The Good Men Project ad free. This article originally appeared on YourTango.

For more articles like this, try:. Do you want to talk about how to have richer, more mindful, and enduring relationships?

Please Login to comment. Theorema Egregium. However geeky guys also have a tendency to fetishes, so be very clear on what yours are. Facebook 13k Tweet Dating a nerdy guy Email Shares 13k. Join The Good Men Project conversation and get updates by email.

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